The Frosted Coconut Margarita — A Tropical Destination in a Glass

Anthony Ashmore

I’m letting my Ego run wild on this one: I’ve invented something legendary.

I love a Margarita that’s frosty, not too sweet and flavored just right with a Mild Silver Tequila.

The “Frosted Coconut Margarita” fits the bill with a Tropical Twist — and works it’s way well past the Hot Summer Months and into the Holiday Season.

Sipping on a few of these (especially by the pool) will transport you to your own Private Island of inner paradise.

The Recipe couldn’t be simple!

Step One

  • The Juice of Three Fresh Limes
  • One Tablespoon of Lemon Zest
  • One Tablespoon of Goya CREAM of Coconut
  • One Two Tablespoons of Goya Coconut MILK
  • One Cup of Ice
  • One Fourth of a Cup (or more) of Espolon Tequila

Place all your ingredients into a Blender.

Step Two

Blend — then Pour into a Glass with a Lime Slice Garnish.

Drink, Enjoy and Get Boozy!

Clinical Psychotherapy, Societal Commentary & Wellness.

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