Recipe: How to Make Crispy Chicken Wings in the Oven.

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If you're currently on the Keto diet or are simply trying to cut down on both Calories and Fat, this recipe is a fried food lovers godsend.

After years of trying to master the art of oven-fried chicken wings, I finally have a simple, totally Pub-worthy recipe to share, that’ll transport your taste buds to your favorite local bar stool.

Step One

  • One Package of Fresh, Non-Frozen, Small Sized Chicken Wings.
  • Half of a Cup of Cornmeal
  • Half of a Cup Regular Unseasoned Breadcrumb
  • Quarter of a Cup of All Purpose Flour
  • One Tablespoon of Salt
  • Two Teaspoons of Pepper
  • One and a Half Tablespoon of Adobo
  • Two Teaspoons of Chili Powder
  • One Teaspoon of Paprika
  • One Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
  • One and a Half Teaspoons of Sugar
  • One Teaspoon of BBQ Seasoning
  • One Teaspoon of Garlic Powder

Combine all ingredients into a cohesive dry mixture and toss all Chicken Pieces into the Mixture, until each wing & drum is well coated.

Step Two

Pre-Heat your Oven to 200 Degrees on Convection.

Place a baking rack on a large rectangular sheet pan — and place each individual piece of chicken approx. a half inch apart from one another, without crowding them.

Place Chicken Wings into the Oven for 30 Minutes (this step allows the fat in the Chicken Wing to slowly cook down and contributes to a crunchy skin).

Step Three

After 30 minutes, Raise the Oven Temperature to 400 Degrees and let the Chicken Wings cook for Another 30–35 Minutes until Golden Brown.

Step Four

Add Two Pads of Butter to One Quarter of a Cup of Buffalo Sauce in a Sauce Pan. Place on a medium Flame for Approx. Five Minutes until it forms into a cohesive Mixture.

Once wings are taken out of the oven, Brush each Individual wing with a light to medium coating of the Sauce mixture.

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