Crispy Baked Spring Rolls — Chinese Take Out at Home — Anthony Ashmore

Anthony Ashmore

In my on-going Quarantine Cooking series, I have made it something of a ritual to re-invent take-out classics, in a healthy and simple way.

Making Spring Rolls in the Oven is a surprisingly easy homage to Chinese take-out.

This particular recipe, however, eliminates all the excess oil that a Spring Roll would normally encounter while being deep fried.

As most Commercial Kitchens use Peanut Oil for deep frying, we will lightly brush each Spring Roll with about a Tablespoon of Peanut Oil.

Doing this will contribute to the illusion of a deep fried shell, with significantly less of the saturated fat and unhealthy frying grease.

The crunchy exterior and the crisp, yet diverse flavor profile of the interior, will bring your taste buds directly to a little Red Table-clothed Restaurant in the Heart of Chinatown.

Step One

  • Two Carrots
  • One Bunch of Scallions
  • One Half of a Red Onion
  • Four Cloves of Garlic
  • Two Shallots
  • Ten to Twelve Brussels Sprouts
  • One Small Package of Baby Portobello Mushrooms
  • One Half of a Large Ginger Clove (Peeled)
  • Four Tablespoons of Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Three Tablespoons of Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce
  • Four Tablespoons of Sesame Oil
  • One Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil
  • Two Teaspoons of Sriracha Sauce
  • Two Tablespoons of Rice Wine Vinegar
  • One Package of Store Bought Egg Roll Wrappers

First, Place all the aforementioned Vegetables into a Food Processor and Pulse on a Medium Speed.

(You may have to process in Batches).

Tip: You want your Vegetables to have a nice, moderate size slice to them, without being pureed like Baby Food.We are also using Brussels Sprouts, instead of Cabbage, as I find Brussels Sprouts to be slightly sweeter, as “Baby Cabbages”.

Once all the vegetables are Processed, add them all into a bowl and toss together with one Tablespoon of Sesame Oil.

Step Two

Take Three Fourths of the Vegetable Mixture and add into a frying Pan on Medium-Heat with One Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil.

Leave the remaining One Fourth raw Vegetable Mixture in the bowl.

Lightly Saute the Vegetables for ONLY about 5–6 Minutes or just until you notice a light brown texture developing on the larger chunks of Vegetables.

Next, add your lightly cooked Vegetables back into the bowl with the Raw Vegetables and toss the two together into a cohesive mixture.

Rationale: By Cooking some of the Vegetable Filling we avoid the filling releasing excess water while baking in the oven, between the heat and the sodium.The remaining Raw Vegetables also add an amazing Crunch in the Finished Roll. Nobody wants a watery or soggy Spring Roll!

Step Three

Unwrap your Egg Roll Wrappers and separate 8–10 of them on a lightly greased Sheet Pan.

Next, add One and a Half Tablespoons of Vegetable Filling to each Wrapper.

Once filled, fold the bottom edges of the Roll like you would a homemade Envelope and then Roll the remaining wrapper over itself in a circular, forward moving motion.

Step Four

Once all wrappers are filled and sealed, Brush each Roll with One Tablespoon of Peanut Oil (both Top and Bottom sides).

Bake in a 400 Degree Oven for 20–25 Minutes, or until the wrapper appears Golden Brown and Crispy, with a fried looking texture.

Serve with Sweet Chili Sauce and Pineapple Teriyaki for Dipping.

Optional: Top with a Drizzle of Sriracha Sauce, Sesame Seeds and Chopped Scallions, if you enjoy heat and herbs.

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