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“State of Being” is a concept we regularly hear Buddhists and other enlightened beings discuss in detail.

The notion that we can just “be” — without trying or efforting is a radical one to consider.

Yet, the most prosperous people on the planet completely understand this, without remotely compromising their hustle or grind.

For an initial example, consider Mother Nature.

She doesn’t try. She simply exists.

She expects the next season to arrive without stress or question. …

Despite my Catholic upbringing, I remain fascinated by Astrology.

Although I maintain a strong aversion to Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, Mediums, Palmistry, Wicca and especially Ouija Boards — the Social Scientist in me cannot escape the accuracy and historical relevance of Astrology.

For me, Astrology has nothing to do with the New Age movement.

We are not talking about generic Newspaper Astrology in this article — as the focus here is more along the lines of Natal Charts and World Event Charts.

I do not worship the constellations, I do not place my faith in the Moon, I do not…

I can remember the feeling of the cold, metal doorknob. It was about the tenth time I had checked it that night. Although I knew we lived in a “safe” neighborhood, I could not transition out of the belief that someone was going to break in and harm us. Besides, the night before, that’s exactly what happened to a nice suburban family on Law and Order.

I was only twelve years old, yet, this wasn’t my first time at the rodeo with irrational fears. There was that time I had convinced myself I had a hematoma (a brain tumor) after…

In my private Psychotherapy practice, one of the first questions I’m often approached with is “do you specialize in CBT?”

After informing them that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a cornerstone of my treatment model, I’ll ask them: “What’s your understanding of CBT and why does it interest you?”

… crickets. A blank stare. An uncomfortable silence.

It seems that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has become a trendy new clichè term to throw around a Psychotherapist’s office.

Most clients report having read about CBT in a magazine or overhearing something about it from their wealthy friend in the Hamptons.

The reality of…

It was the early 1990s — and I remember laying on the shag carpet in our living room.

Back then, my favorite television station was the “USA Network.”

That particular station always had a variety of late 70s and early 80s horror films scheduled on their programming slate (all of which fascinated me, for some reason).

Even at nine years old, I was particularly intrigued by horror films — especially when visiting the video store and observing the sensational artwork on VHS cover sleeves.

But, on this particular occasion, while laying on the floor with my chin on a pillow…

There’s an intrinsic link between the Bartender and the Actor.

That link is that both roles are usually fulfilled by the same person.

At any given time in Los Angeles or New York, a restaurant patron can easily look over toward the Bar or Cocktail Lounge, only to observe a hustling Actor, actively working their night gig.

Needless to say, ambition is disruptive.

Being married to a dream can delay marriages, promotions, job consistency, mortgages, financial security — and a variety of other worldly milestones that “a normal person” may otherwise conquer quite masterfully.

Beyond being a Psychotherapist, I am…

Hampton Psychotherapy

Imagine that there’s a Homeowner who believes his roof is leaking.

He becomes so preoccupied with this concern (despite a rational lack of evidence for it) that he calls a roofing Repairman.

After the Repairman finishes inspecting every shingle of the roof, he tells the irrational Homeowner:

“I’ve inspected every shingle and there is no leak in your roof”.

The Homeowner finally calms down — thanks to the Repairman’s reassurance.

That night, as the Homeowner lays in bed feeling relieved, a new thought pops into his head:

“Yeah — he looked at the shingles, but he didn’t look…

Hampton Psychotherapy

A Children of God congregation in Los Angeles in 1971. (AP Photo/George Brich)

If you’ve recently watched “The Vow” or “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult” — you were probably just as fascinated as I was to see how the malevolent tentacles of Keith Raniere had latched themselves on to young, successful actresses.

But, despite the fascination, cult phenomena impacting Hollywood — and in particular, actors or actresses, is nothing new.

In 1969, members of The Manson Family murdered actress Sharon Tate at 10050 Cielo Drive in the Benedict Canyon section of Los Angeles.

Although Sharon Tate was a non-participant target, the cult had been founded by a failed musician who deeply…

We’ve all met them.

They come into our lives and then exit just as quickly — leaving you mystified as to the interpersonal trauma you’ve just experienced.

They’re the only people in your life that you seem to end up arguing with.

Whether it’s their fluctuating moods, fickle behavior, critical attitudes, or instigating rhetoric — we’ve all, at one time or another — dealt with a friend or lover who has a Personality Disorder.

In my practice, it is extremely common to encounter a variety of different Personality Disorders within my client population.

However, in this article, we’re going to…

Sesame Chicken is one of my all time favorite Chinese take-out dishes.

Despite my affinity for it, the Summer is slowly approaching and I’m doing everything I can to cut unnecessary calories and fat, without compromising flavor.

At the same time, I’ve noticed a major reduction in my Yelp & Uber Eats ordering habits during the course of being in quarantine.

Perhaps it’s a reflection of unwarranted sanitary concerns — or perhaps it’s a reflection of needing to save as much money as I can right now.

Regardless .. this period in our national timeline is turning into a fabulous…

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